(Im)perfect Vehicles

Why do we wait in large crowds to take pictures of the Mona Lisa from a distance when professional reproductions are available at the click of a button? How do we place value on objects in an age when everything is easily reproduced? When do commonplace objects become desirable and sought after things?

It is ordinary to aggrandize the everyday, daydream of what could be, and give significance to the otherwise insignificant. To make art of the ordinary is to elevate it to extraordinary, eloquent even. Inversely, to reproduce a beloved thing, is to cheapen and abate.

Im/Perfect Vehicles is an exhibition of paintings, which probes a leveled playing field between art and object, the meaningful and the meaningless. Using objects that have arguably already served a practical purpose as subject matter, I raise questions surrounding sentimentality, value, and significance, and how these notions are attached to meaning, whether merited or superfluous.