P r e s e n c e   o f   A b s e n c e

Presence of Absence is an investigation of my ordinary domestic surroundings. The paintings offer the viewer a glimpse into familiar space to which we pay little attention. They ask the viewer to decelerate, taking time to actively engage with their surroundings in order to gain deeper meaning through deliberate concentration. This process of slowing accommodates themes of contradiction and mystery present throughout this body of work.

The paintings employ calm, precise, and measured brush strokes that closely replicate observed domestic environments containing chairs and doors. Tight painting is interspersed with gritty textures and jarring color flashes. These superficial flourishes are used to suggest that representational painting is, by nature, at odds with the subject. To replicate reality on canvas always falls short, as all attempted substitutions for the actual are insufficient. Painting can only reflect a small portion of reality. These images seek to amplify this notion, by manifesting an evocative power of their own.

Presence of Absence is greatly influenced by the contradictory nature of human life. The human condition is one of extremes; we oscillate between manic highs and depressive lows. Like these paintings, we most often exist somewhere in between.